Cameron Burnes

Royal Australian Navy Band

"Tchankaya has set the new standard for quality bassoon cane. It's comfortable to play, exceptionally long-lasting, and produces warm, resonant sounds that my colleagues and I truly enjoy. I purchase gouged and profiled cane with selectable hardness, and the team at Tchankaya has been incredibly helpful in answering my questions. The quality of their cane processing is extremely consistent and reliable. In fact, it's so good that I’ve sold my gouger and profiler and now rely on Tchankaya to handle this work, allowing me to focus on making music. I am definitely a Tchankaya customer for life!"

June 2024

Ezgi Tandoğan

Bassoon Player, Bilkent Symphony Orchestra

Since the day I met Tchankaya reeds, I would like to thank them for the warm, high quality, flexible sound they offer me. I highly recommend them for their quality products and their responsible customer service that always tries to help you and you will never regret it!

May 2024

Kani Utku Suna

Bassoon Player, Antalya State Symphony Orchestra

Tchankaya materials provide high quality products for bassoonists and reed makers. Its structure of carefully selected dense fibers provides the player with a characteristic sound color. As a professional reed maker and artist, I recommend tchankaya materials to all my colleagues.

I wish the Tchankaya family success and congratulate them on this beautiful path they are on.

April 2024

Aziz Baziki

Bassoon Teacher, Barenboim-Said Akademie, Berlin

Tchankaya Reeds is a great option for many Bassoonists in the World. This Cane gives to everyone such a big oportunity to play with warm and quality Sound, very stable intonation, and ability to reach each type of character on playing. I would like to thank you for your wonderful work!

April 2024

Stefan Schweigert

Solo Bassoon, Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra

Thanks a lot for your perfect work, dear Engin!
It's wonderful to play on reeds made by Tchankaya cane. It is of such an extraordinary quality- wonderful feeling- alive - even more than just perfect material...
Best wishes from Stefan

February 2024

Jonathan Davies

Principal Bassoon, London Philharmonic Orchestra

Bassoon Professor, Royal Academy of Music

I find Tchankaya cane to be far more dependable than cane I have sourced from elsewhere. It allows me to easily project within a large symphony orchestra, and I find the sound to be warm with great depth. I am always eager to recommend Tchankaya to both colleagues & students of mine.

January 2024

KyuSun Pyo

Principal Bassoon, Korean Symphony Orchestra

I use the Tchankaya tube cane to make reeds. Not only does it produce a very rich sound, but it also produces a wider sound and a warmer sound if you assume that you have the same strength, density, shape, thickness as the cane of other companies, and the whole instrument is really overwhelming. You can also play it with your lips very comfortable. Finally, the most advantage is that it generally play well with all brands of bassoons.

October 2023

Nadina Mackie 

Solo Bassoonist & Artist

Founding Past President

I buy tube cane from many sources and have recently been working exclusively Tchankaya cane. I am finding that the Tchankaya has a dependable quality of resonant vitality with a full range of tone colours, overtones and dynamics, combined with a smoothness and refinement that works very well with both my bassoon and the music that I am playing. I look forward to making many more reeds with this excellent cane.

September 2023


Principal Bassoon of Taiwan Philharmonic ( NSO)

I started to try the Reed canes of Tchankaya since last year. It has a very charming timbre and very quick response, which is very suitable for playing Solo as well as in chamber music and in the orchestra.

I highly recommend the good choice. 

September 2023

Ole Kristian T. Dahl

Prof. Staatliche Hochschule Mannheim

Guest Prof. Royal College of Music

Principal Bassoon, Swedish National Orchestra Gothenburg Symfoniker

Tchankaya reeds are wonderful!One achieves the golden mixture of round sound that still speaks!“Rund aber klar “ the classic German ideal is achievable with these canes .The customer service is also wonderful !Tchankaya has my warmest recommendations!

October 2022

Zeynep Ayaydinli

Co Principal Bassoon, Deutsche Radio Philharmonie Saarbrücken Kaiserslautern

Liebe Freunde und Kollegen, wir investieren für unsere Rohre so viel Zeit und Arbeit. Ganz ehrlich, wie viel Prozent von unseren gefertigten Rohren werden am Ende wirklich gut?
Ich habe außengehobelte Hölzer von „Tchankaya“ probiert, die sind sehr gut ausgefallen. Die Erfolgsquote der gelungenen Rohre ist sehr hoch. Ihr könnt es selber ausprobieren: schöner, freier, farbiger Klang und schnell vertraute Flexibilität.
Viel Spaß!!!

September 2022

Dear Friends and Colleagues,
We invest a lot of time and effort for our reeds; but honestly, what percentage of the reeds we make turn out to actually be good?
I have tried Tchankaya’s profiled canes recently, and they are really good. The success rate of the produced canes is very high. You could try it yourselves: more beautiful, with a colorful sound that offers more freedom and flexibility that you will come to rely on very quickly.
Have fun!!!

September 2022

Nuri Köker

Principal Oboe, Ankara State Opera and Ballet Orchestra

I’m so pleased with the flexibility, balance and the tone quality of Tchankaya reeds. The extreme durability of these reeds allow me to perform long opera sessions with much ease. I’m glad and lucky to find all the qualities at once combined in Tchankaya reeds. I heartily suggest to all my colleagues, you should definitely give it a try.

September 2022

Tahsin Arslan

Principal Bassoon, Presidential Symphony Orchestra

These reeds are the best ones ever that I can play any piece effortless and achieve excellent results. It’s an utmost pleasure to play my bassoon with Tchankaya reeds which fulfil all my expectations. I recommend these reeds to all my colleagues without hesitation.

September 2022


Dr. Mezraq Ramli

Assistant Professor of Double Reeds, The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, USA.

Tchankaya has become my most recent favorite cane! The cane arrived well-sorted with beautiful coloration that indicates care and concern by the people who process it. It is of medium to medium-hard strength, which is my preference for my style of oboe reeds. It gouges easily and beautifully. Reeds that I have made came together quickly and vibrated readily with a colorful, warm tone. I recommend Tchankaya cane to all my colleagues and students!

September 2022

Kaan Civelek

Co-Principal Oboe, Presidential Symphony Orchestra

With Tchankaya reeds I can achieve the sustainable tone and nuance which I have been seeking for a long time. Now, I’m much more comfortable and confident in my performances.

March 2022

Tolga Alpay

Principal Bassoon, İzmir State Symphony Orchestra

Hello my fellow colleagues,

I’m playing the bassoon for forty years. I also produce reeds and send them to my colleagues around the world. Tchankaya canes are processed by Engin Güngördü, so far the most competent person in our country. It exceeds all my expectations. The reeds I make with Tchankaya canes provide me with a high sound quality, a full tone, long lasting feature, and an incredible flexibility in all musical sentences and a wide range of nuances in my orchestral and solo works.

January 2022

Ozan Evruk

Solo Bassoon, Samsun State Opera and Ballet Orchestra
In the subject of reeds and its varieties Engin Güngördü possess such a product profile that internationally carries him to a high level. From the very beginning of his journey I follow him with an utmost interest. I highly recommend his reeds to all my colleagues without hesitation. Tchankaya reeds provide me the best tone and durability as always.

January 2022

Onur Üzülmez

Associate Professor of Bassoon, Hacettepe University Ankara State Conservatory

Since 2002 i was started to make my own reeds and selling them on my website I have been trying to find a suatible cane for every occasion and any kind of player. After i tried the Tchankaya canes i understood that i don't need to look for more. They are fine selected canes in everyway such as shape colour etc. They're in tune, with rich and dark sound, also so easy to play and all you need just a minor adjustments. I can recommend Tchankaya canes to everyone with peace of mind.

January 2022

Sefa Erşahin

Principal Bassoon, Ankara State Opera and Ballet Orchestra

A pleasant and comfortable performance with a bassoon requires a well produced reed, and for that purpose to find a good quality cane. I found that bassoon sound of the color, softness and richness I wanted, in Tchankaya canes. In addition, Tchankaya reeds besides being very durable maintain their quality in both dry and humid environments. I would like to thank my friend and colleague Engin Güngördü for providing these fantastic reeds to us.

January 2022